Wilder Witches Circle
Cory Gunn

Wilder Witches Circle

Cory Gunn

Welcome to Wilder Witches Circle

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About Wilder Women

Wilder Women is a community for Witches, Energy Workers, Metaphysicians and Holistic Healers. Think of this as your Sacred Space online - hub where you can gather with like-minded souls for ideas and inspiration to fuel your Craft.

Why You Should Join Us

I've been a Craft practitioner for most of my life and dedicated Wiccan for 17+ years. Curating a space for other Witches and passing on my knowledge is my passion. Creating Wilder Women has allowed me to support our community, by hosting monthly workshops, providing readings, articles and resources. 

This is YOUR space as much as it is mine! This is a place of discussion and comradery that's usually only found in Covens and local Circles. Here, we can connect to fellow Witches over long distances and find those with similar practices to bounce ideas off of. It also provides us an opportunity for growth as we share techniques and modalities that might not be in your current practice.

You've Made This Community a Reality

This space would not be here if not for you and your contributions. We are made stronger together. Explore. Experiment. Share ideas. This is your time to connect through Laughter, Magick and Guidance.

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